I actually wanted to run for charity, but due to [please insert lame excuse], I never actually managed to take part in a run. So last night, in the spur of the moment, I signed up for the DECHOX initiative from the British Heart Foundation ( This way I can raise money for a good cause and maybe even lose a few pounds. I did miss my chocolate milk this morning though… but only 30 more days without it…

I spent the last couple of minutes setting up my fundraiser page ( and I already got my first donation! So proud!!! I hope it’ll go on like this 🙂


Told my family about it and they immediately pointed out that there’s chocolate in Nutella as well. Didn’t think about that. Maaaaaaaan… Also, there’s chocolate in brownies, chocolate chip cookies and chocolate cake. This is going to be a tough month… but I’m actually doing well so far. Main reason being my dentist appointment today, so can’t really eat much anyway.


Today I’m in Falkirk to join my friend and colleague Victoria (PegasiTranslations) in doing some hardcore marketing. We’ve recently discovered that our joint efforts are more effective, so Marketing Fridays are a thing now! Well, it was also her intern’s last day, so when I arrived at the office with Victoria sponge slices (no chocolate in them, yay!), I was greeted by a big table full of doughnuts, chocolate cake and other goodies. Oh dear. I’m quite proud because I stuck with strawberry doughnuts and my cake slices, but I do love chocolate cake. Oh well, only 27 days to go 😉


Really miss chocolate milk and Nutella this morning. That’s how I normally start my weekends. And quite a few other days during the week. Oh well, scrambled eggs on toast and a glass of orange juice it is then… have I lost some weight yet?


Long day of work, so this is the first day I’m actually struggling. Just one little piece of chocolate cake. Or maybe some chocolate mousse? Even just a tiny little piece of chocolate would do… I really wasn’t aware how much I use chocolate as a motivation for work. That’s such a bad habit! We don’t even have that much stuff in the house, but I suppose a cookie here, some Nutella toast there and a piece of chocolate in between really does add up over the day. I did the chocolate calorie calculator from the British Heart Foundation DECHOX campaign and figured that I could save about 15,000 calories and 60 Pounds a month. That’s crazy. That’s two week’s worth of shopping and almost 7 (!!!!) 14″ pepperoni pizza’s worth of calories. I would never eat that much pizza in a month or spend that much money on junk food, yet I seem to be happy to invest it in chocolate… Take the test here to check how many calories you’re consuming through chocolate in a month:


Early morning due to a massive work load. Really really really miss chocolate milk now. I don’t drink coffee or other drinks containing caffeine to wake up, because it doesn’t really do anything for me. My cold chocoloate milk does however have a very efficient placebo effect in the morning. Yes, I know, I could just drink cold milk, but that’s really not the same… too tired to deal with it just now.


Went shopping today. Good news: there’s no chocolate in sticky toffee pudding! I don’t want to exchange one bad thing for another, but it’s nice to have a little dessert every now and again. Also decided to have banana milk in the morning, so it’s not all milk, hope my body can get tricked into it 😉


Productive day and got plenty of good food in the house. Fancy something sweet? Have a kiwi or an apple. Well, let’s see how long this will last.

Just finished off the last of the sticky toffee pud… didn’t last too long then. But I’ve still not touched a piece of chocolate, so at least I’m sticking to my DECHOX aim.


Another busy day. Really miss Nutella now, it’s just such an easy breakfast. Been replacing it with jam or just had some cereal in the morning. Wonder how long it’ll take the human body to get over the chocolate addiction… will I start having withdrawal symptoms? Will someone find me crying in a dark alley in Dalgety Bay with a spoon and a big glass of Nutella in my hands? Hope not! (I’ll keep you posted though!)


Rugby night! Date night! Making some tasty homemade pizza with spinach, mushrooms, peppers, onions, spicy chicken and different kinds of cheese. So tasty. Also bought some strawberry cheesecake. Come on, it’s date night! But yeah, I know better. That’s the excuses everyone makes with everything in their lifes. It’s an anniversary, let’s drink. I am out with friends, I need a cigarette. It’s date night, let’s have scrumptious rich dessert.

I’ve seen an advertisement on the telly today. Not sure whom it was for (I’ll check next time it’s on), but it basically warned people of the risks of overeating and a wrong diet, starting from early childhood. Basically, parents in the ad give their children lots of sugar in form of chocolate, sweet drinks, etc. as a reward for being good and don’t care about (or aren’t aware of) the related health risks. I guess that’s quite a big thing in the UK, because more and more advertisements on TV make people aware how bad diet choices can affect their health. Feeling pretty bad about the cheesecake now, but I know that a sugar free diet wouldn’t be doable, so I’ll just have to become more aware of ingredients and make eating sweets a rare occassion rather than a daily habit.


Another Rugby day. We would have normally had loads of chip n’ dip by now and I’m sure I would have thought about opening a bag of M&Ms or similar. Not today. I might have some crisps later, but giving up chocolate isn’t that hard when I don’t tell myself what I’m missing out on. Cause I’m not really. I might still have some cheesecake tonight and I’ll still have other tasty things like my tangy salmon linguine we had the other night that make me equally happy.


Went out for dinner after the Rugby last night. Our neighbour had a chocolately dessert, we had none (the burger was massive so I wouldn’t have had any dessert anyway). No cheesecake for me later that night either, much to my own surprise (it’s Asda’s own, nothing fancy, but it’s sooooo tasty!). Phoned my mum to get a recipe for milk rice, so might have that later. I know, who needs a recipe for milk rice, but heyho, if you want it to taste like your mum’s made it you gotta ask how exactly she’s doing it. Only then you’ll have the childhood memories and the same warm feeling in your tummy and your heart 🙂


Had some milk rice yesterday. In fact, I made so much that I gave some to my neighbour so I don’t have to eat it all myself. Maybe I should share my sweets more often to lower my own calorie intake. Just a thought…

Just went grocery shopping, so now I’ve got some fresh and fairly healthy food in the house to keep me going for this week. I didn’t buy any desserts or sweets, let’s see how long this lasts.


I quickly nipped into the shop today to get some bread and came out with 10 Müller yogurts. In my defence, they were on offer! They do have quite a lot of flavours that are not chocolate. Quite enjoying the apricot one, but oh my gosh, I’ll never touch the peanut and caramel one ever again, it really wasn’t nice. Very sour and no caramel flavour whatsoever. Pretty disappointing. I really do miss the yogurt with the chocolate banana flakes, it’s amazing. Oh well, half way through the month. I’ll definitely try to cut down on chocolate in the future, but there are some guilty pleasures I will still have every now and again.

I’m quite sad that I have only received one donation so far. I’ll have to spread the word a bit more. Sure someone will be able to spare a pound or two for charity. Might have to talk to some people, maybe they’ve not seen it online. Still very motivated though! I’ll get there 🙂


Remember that filling I got at the start of the month? It’s really bugging me now and makes it hard to eat anything at all. Really hope my jaw will stop being sore soon, because all my head can think about is how convenient some Nutella on toast would be right now… I realised that I eat Nutella a lot when I don’t feel well or when I’m sad/stressed/upset. I’ll have to watch that in the future so it doesn’t become a habit. I know fine that alcohol doesn’t solve any problems, but neither does chocolate.


Emergency appointment with my GP and the dentist. Sorry for the short post today, but I’m really sore and not in the mood to type any more.


I feel better again after getting stronger pain killers and resting a lot (sshhhh please don’t tell anyone, I don’t want to jinx it!). I’ve decided to take today and the weekend off to recover properly, or at least give it the best chance. I’ve started a new book and the rugby will be on all day tomorrow, so I can stay cuddled up on the sofa. Still on a soft food diet at the moment, hence not missing chocolate that much. All I can eat is yogurt and rice pudding and I’m happy with that for now.


Oh dear. My boyfriend wanted to be extra supportive and cute and brought me some dessert last night because he was sure I would be able to eat it as it’s really soft. I love him so much for the gesture, but he actually got a pack of super indulgent rich dark chocolate brownies. He had totally forgotten that I don’t eat chocolate this month! Well, we put it in the back of the fridge and it will sit there until April. My body might get a massive chocolate shock in April, so I might have to eat it over two or three days 😉 Or I might not want any chocolate by then and he’ll have to eat it himself, we’ll see.

Scotland won the Rugby match (still only came 4th on the table despite winning most of their games), so we celebrate with some Chinese food. I can actually eat the Chow Mein noodles, yay!


Really fancied a Sunday roast today, but I made spaghetti in a vegetable tomato sauce instead, because it’s easier to chew. I have to say that I don’t really miss chocolate anymore. Got on fine without my Nesquick drink or my Nutella bread in the morning. Didn’t have any sweet snacks with the rugby or the films we watched at night. Instead of massive desserts we got some Werther’s Echte and some biscuits, which lasted quite a long time. So I think we did save some pennies this month. Over the next couple of months, I might have to check how much we actually spend on chocolate products and then see if we can cut it down.


I finally feel a lot better. Got an appointment with Business Gateway this morning to help me out with a couple of ideas on how to grow my business. We met at Costa and since I couldn’t have any hot chocolate (really missed it in that moment), I just had a glass of water. I’m really not a tea drinker, which makes things worse I guess. But he told me he’s giving up caffeine for a while, so I didn’t feel too bad about not having my hot chocolate.

I forgot to tell you this, but my boyfriend hasn’t been eating any chocolate, either. I suppose he just wants to make sure there’s no temptation for me, which is really sweet of him. I wouldn’t mind if he had some chocolate every now and again, but he says it’s not too hard for him to give it up either. He doesn’t eat Nutella very often and he doesn’t drink hot chocolates, so it’s more the desserts he misses. But I promise that the chocolate brownie dessert is still in the fridge and won’t be opened before the 1st of April!


Didn’t sleep all night, have an emergency appointment with the dentist at 2pm. Is my body punishing me for giving up chocolate? I hope not! My teeth should actually be happy not having to deal with all the sticky sugar. Sorry for the short post, but can’t really concentrate…


Feeling better again after a good night’s sleep. Had semolina pudding for breakfast, German pancake soup for lunch (yep, Germans cut up their leftover (non-sugary) pancakes and put them in broth the next day… might seem weird but it’s very delicious, you should try it!). I’m just cooking fajitas and I’ve made a loaf of bread. Really, really, really want a slice of the fresh warm bread with Nutella now. It’s hard to find anything to eat at the moment and chocolate would be so easy now. But it’s only a couple more days and I will stay strong. Maybe I could get some frozen and fresh berries and make my own jam?


Got an appointment with the hospital to get my ascessed wisdom tooth out tomorrow. Should have maybe done that from the start, would have saved me pain and a filling, but nevermind. Just hope this blog post can now be about not eating chocolate for a good cause again, it kind of turned into a toothache journal for a while! Apologies for that!


It’s out!!! No more pain! Hopefully I can eat whatever I want soon. Well expect for chocolate… Not had any breakfast today and can’t eat any lunch, so I’m not even really thinking of chocolate at the moment anyway. Had some rice and curry sauce for dinner, so tasty!


What a sunny day today! After a breakfast of brioche buns (without the chocolate chips), we went off to Aberdour Beach. Such a lovely place. Really fancied an ice cream, but I know for sure that I can’t resist chocolate ice cream, so didn’t get one. It’s only a couple more days but there are things I really miss. There are other things I don’t miss too much. I thought I’d die without Nesquick and Nutella, but I’m actually doing alright. I do miss chocolate muffins and cookies and ice cream with chocolate in the cone. But I guess if I really had to, I could live without chocolate for a long time. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that this crazy long month will be over soon and I don’t have to read all ingredients to make sure there’s no chocolate in it. It wasn’t too bad though and I’d definitely do it again.


Happy Mother’s Day!! I am only a doggy mum for our labrador Finn, but I still got to choose what to do today. So we got some picknick stuff (sandwiches, pasta salad, melon and angel cake slices) and went to Gullane Beach. This is one of the most amazing beaches in East Lothian and luckily never too busy. Spent the entire afternoon there and had some ice cream (vanilla with raspberry sauce for me, so tasty!) before we left. Treated ourselves to lamb roast with cheesy Spätzle (homemade German pasta), veg and yorkies. No worries, we had so much sweet stuff that the brownies in the fridge were safe. Kind of looking forward to having them now, though.


Another sunny day, how crazy. Back to work though, so no beach. Had more brioche buns for breakfast, some yogurt for lunch (I’ve eaten more fruit yogurt this month than I have over the last 2 or 3 years :-D) and steak and salad for dinner. I got some custard creams for later. Really wanted to get some cake or cake slices, but all the tasty ones are made of chocolate or are at least drizzled with chocolate. Got some raspberry and pavlova ice cream in case this sunny weather continues. It’s Scotland though, so it might not. We’ll have to wait and see.


What a crazy busy work week!! I really do fancy some Nutella on a Thin for breakfast today, but I’ve decided to make scrambled eggs on bagels instead. So delicious and a great start into the day. Oh, did you see all those Easter chocolate advertisements on the telly and all those hundreds of chocolate Easter eggs in the shops? They really do a good job teasing me! I wanted to go shopping for an Easter package I’ll send to my family, but I decided to postpone that until next week. It’ll be safer for me to be around those tasty eggs once I’ve had some chocolate and will be allowed to eat them again. Not that I will then eat them, because they’re for my family, but right now they just irresistable to me…


Busy day so just a short entry. Been working for about 10 hours already and still no end in sight. My boyfriend cracked and had one of the brownies because we had nothing else in the house to have with a cuppa. He ate it upstairs though so I didn’t have to see him eat it lol I don’t really care that much, I think I’m too busy to even think about chocolate or any kind of food just now…


Just realised that tomorrow will be the last day. Reeeeeeally fancy some Nutella on my brioche buns, so having some bagels instead to get that image out of my head. I think the trick has been to have enough alternatives so the craving for chocolate doesn’t result in frustration. I always have the choice to eat something else instead, so strawberry jam it is!

Just came home from a wee trip to the shops (wanted to get some gym clothes but didn’t really like anything, might check online). We went to Café Nero because my boyfriend really loves their espresso and I really didn’t know what to have. I so much fancied a hot chocolate… ended up going for a strawberry milkshake and it was quite nice. Maybe I should try more other stuff when I’m out in coffee shops. I never do because I love a hot chocolate. I still like my banana milk in the morning. Maybe I should experiment a bit more in the future!


LAST DAY!!!! I think in general I’ve not been to bothered about not eating chocolate, but there were some occassions where I really missed it. I’m glad DECHOX is not in April or rather that Easter was not in March this year. I think it would have been impossible to not eat chocolate during Easter. In Germany, we colour boiled eggs and craft little chicks or bunnies out of wool and the kids get bikes or roller blades or other spring gear to get out and enjoy the first rays of sunshine. Here it seems to be about those enormous and ridiculously sweet chocolate eggs and eating as many as one person can! They are delicious, but what’s wrong with coloured boiled eggs 😛

Anyway, I know it’s not midnight yet, but I think it’s safe to say that I’ve survived this crazy long DECHOX month. I’ve not cheated and it wasn’t half as hard as I thought. So maybe I can use this experience as an initiative to chuck chocolate more often. It doesn’t always have to be the rich chocolate cake, it can be a lot nicer to have homemade berry tarts. Or a delicious fruit smoothie instead of a choccy milk. It’s really easy to pick up high calory chocolate treats because they are EVERYWHERE and it seems EVERYBODY buys them without thinking twice about it. I’ll still keep eating chocolate in the future, but I’ll definitely cut down. There’s no need to take in such ridiculous amounts of sugar and calories every day just to have a 5 minute joy of eating chocolate. I’m not sure if I’ve saved much money (it might have been a few quid), I did lose some a pound or two (which might have been due to not being able to eat because of my toothache though!), but I know for sure that I really enjoyed the challenge and that it made me aware of how much chocolate and other sweet treats we eat in this household. So if I can manage to cut back even a bit, this will have been a successful DECHOX experience!

Last but not least, thanks to everyone who donated, thanks to my friends for understanding and not eating chocolate in front of me and special thanks to my boyfriend who almost made it as long as me without chocolate!! And thanks to my dear readers, who hopefully had a good time reading this blog and had a wee cheeky smile on their faces while they did!